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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  July 31, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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former officer ray tensing told police as they rolled up to the scene. >> and we're sure avalon is the place today. we're looking for sue and we're looking for karen. they're nor to be found. if you see them in avalon let us know. there's a hint they're going to fibin' pier grill. >> it looks like they're fishing this among. >> we're fishing that's for sure. hi, everybody, it's friday. >> it's. >> i last day of the month. >> yeah ! >> they were spotted at the farley service plaza. >> they were. >> they were. my security cameras picked up on that. >> good do see you. >> let's see if we have made contact with sue. do we have here. have we found sue? sue? >> we were just fooling with you. >> you stickster. >> of course we're here. now the fish appear grilled the lay of the land here. 32 street and the beach.
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that's right. right on the beach. so tom let's take a look at do do you knows. famous avalon dunes that's right we're in avalon, new jersey this morning and a little later on we'll be a little further up the boardwalk there showing you our mazda and all the different businesses that are here in avalon and have been many years and one of them that's been established here for a long time is indeed the fishin' pier grille we'll goed in. see this little girl. come over her name is mia, m- m-i-a the school year you live in jevrping untown and summer where. >> avalon. >> now you got to see before you get to the weather i know you want us to get to the weather let's see your tee shirt it says i heart good day philadelphia. and what does it say ps. >> ps especially mike and sue. >> i know. this is why mia is my new best friend. >> and you have a bus stop buddy don't you.
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>> yes. >> let's see what he has on today he's at the beach too, wearing a tee shirt and he says bright sunshine temperatures 75 to 80. looks like a good day to go to the beach don't you think, mia. >> number of the day is 9 and 9 out of ten means it's prettyty good right. >> right. >> fullys will play this evening and they won last night an playing atlanta braves again it will be a great evening with 85 degrees our temperature at game time. which is 7:05. today we expect to get into 90s once again. we got the official heat wave yesterday with high of 91. it will be sunny and here's the difference. it's not as humid. yeah! and that's going to mack a dig difference. yes, it will be hot. but it will feel a lot different outside, it's a dry heat. tonight we're down to 71 with clear skies, that's the forecast for fabulous friday. mia you want to say hi to bob kelly. >> hi, bob. >> hi mia. >> sue and mia good job in
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avalon. >> good morning everybody, 6:0 6:03, tgif we're off to a good start this morning no problems on the roosevelt boulevard, roads dry, light volume as we typically have on a friday in the summertime. 95 starting to see sun glare pop up in upper left there. that's 95 near highland avenue for the gang heading down the shore to say hi to sue, karen and mia. no problems on 42 freeway. atlantic city expressway and garden state parkway looking good. speedometer is where she you this be and slow spot route one as you roll to the blue outta route and 63 and market later today starts septa trolley blitz for the next couple week weeks. they'll terminate 40th and market and won't go into the tunnel. they'll use the market frank order in downtown. >> a young mother shot in the head inside her own home.
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>> one bad story if that's not bad enough her 2-year-old daughter was at home and saw i it. >> mike the good thing is the harm did not come to the 2-year-old. look where we are. busy aramingo avenue. you see the center city sky line beyond all the trucks that went by. it's a very busy street. 24 hours a day and as we pan over you see a single panel burping now in the front of the house where you see as we run the video earlier here as police were going in and out of the house a lot of questions and no real answers right now as we look for the answer as to who killed and why anybody would kill 22-year-old young mother stephanie dszkowski born and raced in this house killed an hour before midnight stephanie dzikowski. >> neighbors heard a loud, one
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loud bang. they went to investigate and they found a 22-year-old mother dead shot once in the head up in the bedroom. along with her was a 2-year-old little girl who is now safe with family and friends in the neighborhood. >> the neighbors are puzzled as to who did this. they did not see this coming and they don't know why this happened. we have information a black male described as wearing a gray hoodie smred ouj from the house on aramingo avenue. >> i'm stick to my stomach it no not even hit me yet we're all in job. we don't understand why somebody would do what they did. don't understand it at all. she is a beautiful woman has a beautiful girl rt is it aing new career graduating from school and working in didn'tal office and now this. i mean everybody loved them.
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they were known by everybody. they would come by every day and top and talked to us. he her little girl buy and high to everybody and we would hug her and i don't know anybody that had a problem with them at all. well stephanie lived here with her father at work at the tile and live in-in boyfriend what was at the store and they called and rushed homes and family and friends so you the man running in and couldn't believe she was all right dead when they got to her. she did not have a chance of surviving the gunshot. look where we r right in the middle of the street normally disturbing thing the neighbors said on a hot night like nast night they're sitting talking. nobody happened to be outside at the time. they were all inside watching the late news. >> that's horrible. okay, 6:06 how about this overnight.
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zimbabwe wild life minister there in zimbabwe says he will seek extradition this is what we thought would happen for american dentist that killed cecil the lion. the environment over there he said it in a conference less than an hour ago. they want american walter palmer the dentist tried in zimbabwe because he violated the are doctor's laws. he shot and killed the line on a trip earlier this month. >> rerelyed on two guys to insure the hunt was legal. all this broughting to my mind concernle texas tech i want to remind you who he s she's been known in texas and oklahoma. shee has killed just about every possible animal in the world and she's starting to
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take heat again for all of her hunting. but i believe most of hers has been absolutely legal. but she still is getting back lash because of the dentist many minnesota you name annie mccormick mall and that woman has a bikt it sglaed all right. 6:08 adds none almost three has a bikt it sglaed all right. 6:08 adds none almost three years since sure cape sandy
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get a free quote at >> you probably think we'll talk about debris and dam and stuff like that to the housing but a new study shows the lingering he fengts of super storm sandy are affecting the mental health of sandy victims. more tan a quarter of those whose homes were damaged they're dealing with moderate to mental health distress. and recureing mold problems related to the storm alinked to asthma and again mental health problems. >> all right look what happened overnight.
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>> officials released body cam video from two officers responding to police-involved shooting in ohio and what former officer ray tensing we know what he told them when they arrived but we get to see what happened. >> these are body cams of two other officers that rap up to the officer that did the shooting. >> well, good morning, 29 5 southbound at cherry hill interest change you'll head further south down toward the store. we're looking live at the surprise coming up and over the bep gentleman min franklin bridge. grab a cup of coffee and we'll meet you back here at about 2 grab a cup of coffee and we'll meet you back here at about 2 1/2.
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>> this time it's after sglon sue is there now♪ >> we got some live music on the avalon boardwalk at 6: 15 many the morning. this is brett han on left and shawn lush on the rite and you can see them white brier and watering hole la costa and sometimes at the god ep inn they came in early and that's not easy for these guys to get up early. we appreciate that. as we head to look at ultimate doppler radar owe to show you that the storms from yesterday are out of here. we deposit have much in the way of severe storms.
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its with a kim heavy downpours here and there. everything is offshore and dew point drop a little. hear getting lower the further you go on the map an that means lower humidity and you will be grateful for that each though it's hot it will mack a big difference. it's a warm breeze and 75 to 0. wor at 32 and the beach right on the boardwalk. we're moving up to 29 pl in a few minutes and by 7:00 that's where we'll be. see us on the boardwalk. current temperatures in the 70s city and 60s norm and west of us. it's a little more comfortable in wake of those storms this morning and shoreexact 90 degree high tim tour warm breeze and cools off a little with clouds tomorrow and high of 5 and 82 very nice, very nice on sunday and let's head to the 7-day forecast and sue how long the heat wave will ask. at least additional five days
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each more. we have surprise ship and highs in the 0s all the way through the weekend. that's your-day forecast. let's head inside the fishin' pier grille. nor alley they start 6:30. she came in earl because she new she was going to heat here. ago frequent fast this morning at the fesh and pier girl. where's my girlfriend. my new best friend mia we'll show you specialties of the house and walk out bob kelly on the actual fishin' pier because it would be called fishin' pier. >> looking good. 17, good job thereby with thumbs up in the background. we have sawp fwlair awe group a
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who looingt rush hour. >> ac cachinging here this morning as we go for a ride. south on 25 disabled tractor-trailer around route 0 as you roll toward cher hi hill this message. >> life look at route 27 again the wodz are dry and we'll is a nice quiet. we have a funder bender here 3 and market. a lot of tokz -- the point was coupleping we on the fit a lot of volume exciting i 5 through the weekend one wiing waeing. >> the first is tomorrow i guess so ayou head.
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>> you may want to stick with route 1 and not 13 all that extra volume. >> ju you. >> will also a comb. >> jake hole tonight. >> yes over at the susquehanna bank september sdmrer remember weird al yankovich. >> he's still going. >> yes. >> and phillies won. >> imagine what i would look like if i checked my beard during this stretch. >> home and winners. >> 6:19. hamilton prosecutors office released additional body camer camera. >> ray tensing can be heard telling another officer who is running up to the scene his side of what happened.
6:20 am
>> hey ah i thought he would run me over. >> you okay? >> yeah. >> hole. >> gunshot wound to the head. >> bagging me i thought i would get run over. >> i saw that. >> he said that the car was dragging him down the street which we know did not happen and the other officer says yes i saw that. well, no he deposit because it did got happen. so they're both wrong. tensing the guy that did sooingt plead the not guilt it to murder and was released after posting 10% of million dollar bail. defense attorney cautioned public not to be quick to judge. >> that videotape is subject to more than the interpretation put out there by prosecutor he was fear foul for his life and thought le would sdi. >> well prosecute rerdz not
6:21 am
bying story of self degreps. >> i think he was lying to the police department and we deposit want him to couch his he was not dragged. he intention alley that this man in the head and anyone who has any common sense knows the foreseeable result of putting somebody in the head is kiing them. >> the manual had originally been stopped for not having a front lises plate. >> 6:21 jurors are considering whether convicted killer james holmes should be sentenced to death. hes with a product of his mental illness namely delusion delusions. remember, your ors did not buy
6:22 am
insanity snrem the death pepty decision would have to be unanimous. well, 6:22 let me it will you this the fillryes are on a roll. >> they beat the praivz in last night's gale. how it paple upon doing with eyes. >> then there's last night's eyes. >> then there's last night's whening lottery number bz
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snv the word from reports it's a long process with those six minor leaguers involved in the deal with texas have to get physicals. other phillies player involved is jake dukeman and he was waiting for things to be official he left at one point during the came game and then came back. as far as the game to the ballpark, carlos ruiz 1,000th game for the phillies in and the -- they beat them for the.
6:26 am
>> there he is jonathan paple gone of washington. papelbon is safe with washington. that's smort in a meant. >> he all we be right. >> we learned this go minute ago the -- which europe peep will host 2022. >> it's not a european city they didn't go with europe. it's beijing, china again. >> yeah you remember they hosted 2008 summer olympics. this makes it first sit question to host wipt erin summer games. >> the vote was only two cities running beijing and kavestang. >> bay jng i don't think many cities and es to to have the summer owe limb politics. >> rep vait them.
6:27 am
update them. >> is the bay ying area. >> it's in china. >> let's get back to the local story. chaka fattah may be facing charges for bribery, racketeering and fraud an a list of other things. that didn't stop him from being honored in washington d.c. yesterday at a luncheon and the award he received one day after the indietments came. >>al emand mike a mom find her 2-year-old daughter beaten and unconscious. why police are asking for your unconscious. why police are asking for your help comingp at 6:30. (dad) you caught us daydreaming. about a couple of touring bikes? (dad) yeah... mounted on top of a new suv? (mom) uh huh... hooked up to the back of a custom motorhome? (dad) exactly! but how did you- you've got the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery.
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another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state. >> >> a look that magazine cover. do you find it offensive? why some stores are sense cens oring "cosmo". >> look at that time for breakfast there. >> good day, everybody, it's the last day of july, friday, jewel 31.
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>> shall we go back down the shore and talk to sue. >> i don't see a reason why not. >> here the deal. >> what what are you doing. >> this is the fishing here do you see how long the fishing pier is. you can fish off the pier. the goal is i got tom going -- we need to get to the end of this fishing pier it will take me longer maybe mia could do the warm. we'll try to get hereby the end of the weather so i'll start talking about bus stop buddy and the bright sunshine and the 75 to 80 degrees already this morning. yeah even here at the shore with land breeze it's already starting hot. we have a in my opinion out of then today the thunderstorms took away the community and reeb hoping it well a great evening. now if you are in the city expect a high temperature of 91 degrees today.
6:32 am
but it's nicer because we don't have the humidity. and then, if are you down the shore, expect a high of 9 0 today with warm breezes and 89 in the lehigh valley and poconos. and it's going to be hot out there too. but really nice because again it's not the heat sometimes it's the humidity so go here we are and finally mia you beat m me. we're at the end of fishing pier. the fishin' grill is back here and ocean is back way we could have go form us. >> this is why we come to the shore. you're not out of breath. >> let's show the back of your shirt before we say hi to bob kelly it says down the shore avalon. 2015 avalon 2015 how old are you mia. >> nine. >> nine years old. nothing like a 9-year-old to hoe us up with the coolest
6:33 am
shirt in town. bob kelly what do you think. >> nothing like a 9-year-old to raes you on the fishing pier either. 6:336789 sue catch your breath good morning sun is rising over avalon and rising above st. st. gabrielle's kuvb here 42 traffic is on a diet. >> surprise glare here on i 9 that and an accident in west philly at 6 and market otherwise off to a good start. south on 95. disabled tractor-trailer caused a little brake tap here as you troll cherry hill and route 70 interest change and it's someday number one. later on tonight septa starts trolley blitz for next couple of weeks. all of the subway trolleys will
6:34 am
divert 30 and market and not go to center city. you don't have to switch because of the trip. it's a three week project in downtown had weekend huge delays expected on the 5 headed northbound between setter city and girard. we'll go down one lane as they reshuffle the traffic patters and do work at the on ramp it's all part of the project in port richmond. mike, alex, back to i. >> a mother murdered in port richmond. >> her 2-year-old daughter was in the fed room when it happened. steve is on the story. steve. >> well ring right at 11:00 here on very busy after aming owe avenue in port richmond which seems more disturbing than any ones rereport on recently because of where and when it it happenedp we're
6:35 am
talking about this young woman the family gave us a picture o of. 22-year-old stephanie born and raised here. she lived here with her dad who was at work and live-in boyfriend at the grossy store an she lived here all her life born and raised and shot and killed in her own bedroom. >> neighbors heard a loud one loud bang they went to investigate and found a 2 22-year-old mother dead shot once in the head up in the bedroom along with her was a 2-year-old little girl. this is a close knit neighborhood. the neighbors are really puzzled to who would want to tharm young mother. >> when myself and niece ran up into the house the door was already on because he was already under there and he came down to my house to let us know
6:36 am
somebody killed her. >> i was looking for my son to come home from work i heard nothing. it was weird. but a neighbor a couple doors up apparently heard something. >> she was in the room of the. the father found her sitting on the bed. and brought her out. and what do you tell her. >> well as we come back to our liver picture now that the sun is up you can see one of the friends and family members lvrt a candle burning by itself out here on the front sidewalk next to one of the emergency technician's face mask left here as they tried to do anything they could and apparently nothing could be done she was shot close rippin ripping. witnesses say a glad mrael was seen out of the house and running down south america
6:37 am
police rewith heat quart he's now. neighbors are trying to intergity figure out how they got into the house. there was no sign of break in. did somebody leave the door unlocked because they figure it's safe here and the boyfriend thought i will be a little while at the store and won't be gone long. since everybody is out here we've seen guys out here swee sweeping they cleanup on the sidewalk and this is rare for the city. people actually care about their neighborhood. no vaint homes and they all loved her not one person up. >> a real good did they heat satisfying. >> it's tramingic. >> this story is really bad, too, police are looking for a man they say grabbed a 5-year-old girl out of her house and beat here unconsciou unconscious. >> jennie joyce is live outside special victims, jennie. >> alex, mike, special victims
6:38 am
unit is investigating this case. the child remain at st. st. christopher hot and is in stable condition although several injuriesen including broken jay, tram tour and and breezes to her tom oing. it was tongue morps a mother touptd her child missing and he reply the little girl was in and out of consciousness and beaten by a man she says ab ducked her from her home ever the little girl told investigators she woke up during the night a many merminged from behind a closet in the house and picked her up and carries her to the dot they don't know if it was random or it. they have had no home burglaries in the neighborhood.
6:39 am
>> me some point places her on the ground and physically assaults her. by either chris christieing and/or punching obviously some of the injuries are consistent with that type physical assaul assault. >> up believable somebody could have the stomach and theert do that he left her out there to die. she interrupt aid burglary. he thought he was discarding of her as a witness. >> everyone is on high securit security. who came into this tram di. >> he was not charged. police tell us they did collect evidence from around the outside of the home. they were also looking for surveillance individual yes and they do want the public's assistance in this case to try to find the person that did this and get them off the streets. mike. >> unreal jennie. 6:39. >> well one day after being pummeled with a 29 count
6:40 am
federal corruption indictment congressmanman. >> they were cop foused that he was in wide spraet pa meking place. using federal dollars and money from a charity to pay it off. >> the conduct that congressman fatah engaged in undermines public safety and government and confidence in dovrment. >> this is not deplate gate all right this is normal issue of was there allegations, after a very long running eight year investigation. >> federal investigators say the 11 term congressman and four others allegedly engaged in a series of five schemes
6:41 am
while mater -- he said well most follow the law allegations like these damage all politicians 6:41. >> will price question painting goes missing in media where this picasso replica was found. >> hm. >> due have you in anything do. >> i like the art out if public like that and i like my trip down the fishing peer any of you this look good for you. we have i alook at some of the pepties at the out. >> a lot more from after lop, new jersey when we come back. >> once in a blue moon. that's a blue moon. >> look at that. >> we have two full moons in one month. that makes it. >> you saw me standing alone
6:42 am
sglot for a lot of young people >> you saw me standing alone sglot for a lot of young people now blue moon means pier.
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>> let get to the radar. here's the good news. the storms passed. and as you look at radar you see they're all offshore. as a result, the dew points are dropping. we educate you on dew points every day. what does that mean? it's measure of moisture and means it will be less humid tractor-trailer today happening north west to southeast and slightly cooler and drier air moves in. here we are down the shore 32 and beach right now and move up to 29th at 7:00. it's already 75 to 0 at the
6:46 am
shore and 73 in philadelphia and in 60s north and west of us. if you head to the poconos what a weekend you'll have. high of 83. less humid. could get a shower late in the day saturday. high of 80. cooler in the morning especially on sunday with high of 79. so i want to make sure no matter where you're going over the weekend you're all set. take a look at the 7 day forecast highs in the 90s toda today. we hi heat wave as of yesterday and this could be a four, five, six, seven, eight, day heat wave with if we highs in the 0 0s. at least it's a dry case. we're here arch you were right. i have the fan club right here. they love you. >> i know. >> and everybody loves to come for breakfast at the shore.
6:47 am
it's something about breakfast when they're on vacation. >> we always thought he may be unbusy at some point. everybody comes out to breakfast maybe give out a dinner meal not a breakfast meal you. >> made some of your most popular dishes what do you got. >> veggie only let, onions, spinach, tomatoes, spinach mushroom and cheese. >> helmy. >> jersey only let jersey tomatoes and cheese. >> and this time of year. >> tomatoes. >> are the best. >> yes. >> blue berry straw gerrys and favorite over there skaple. >> look. >> shout-out to my sister sgle nicole. >> nicole. >> hi nicole where are you nicole? >> this is wonderful. tom you can swing around and show the eric's fan club again. everybody came out early this
6:48 am
morning i know you guys on 6:30. this is really the best time to get a table at the fishin' pier grille. >> if you're around 9 or 10 it's a 30, 40 minutes wait. the wait is worth it. >> thanks for hosting us, bob kelly i know we made you hungry this morning next team you kno know. >> we're sending him down for pickupment order up. we'll take. >> good morning, everybody, in addition to breakfast we have sun glare. light volume. sun is popping up and quickly heating it up on 476 as you work your way towards mid county. good morning at the ben. no problems as you head towards downtown at least for the moment. 95 there you go. live look at girard avenue. again sun glare and delays. betsy to girard. now, through the weekend. later on tonight, all the way through to sunday morning, penndot will be working north on 95 and after the evening are
6:49 am
you hour tonight it's going go down to one lane northbound girard avenue. heads up on way home from phillies game or any events over the weekend and you will be doing work here at girard avenue with knows lane restrictions that is right you youren gains nascar opened up this weekend. keep in mind if you go up for poconos for the weekend you have to contend with nascar fans along i 08 couple events 7:05 tonight at the ballpark, sure traffic. >> jay cole in concert at susquehanna that kicks off:30 that will on up the bep franklin bridge and if you look for something to do the delaware state fair wraps up it at the raceway. mike, alex, ba you. >> they want "cosmo" to tone it
6:50 am
down. >> so the national center on sexual exploittation has been on a crew staid said to hide pornographic covers of "cosmo" for minors. covers like this one. this week round one stores like rite aid and food lion agreed to place the magazine behind minders. they want "cosmo" to be graph up like important magazines and only to adults. >> they're getting serious. >> when i heard about think thought wait a minute the covers aren't bad but titles on the koz month titles can be questionable. this one business. >> doesn't seem to have. >> i what's the date on the magazine is that newest editio edition? this august. okay. so sarah jessica parker. she was -- >> she talked about that in the
6:51 am
movie in college -- my roommate in college would read every night. >> i still read cosmopolitan magazine if you want to know what a woman is thinking read "cosmo". >> i don't know all women think like koz month thinks. >> leave my at that pointcy alone. >> 6:51. >> a history needs solving and media who reason up with replica of famous picasso media who reason up with replica of famous picasso painting?
6:52 am
6:53 am
you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
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♪ >> look at the fog happening in the valley in the poconos. >> what are you doing? >> sorry. >> what are you listening to on your phone. >> certain talking about the meek mill and drake battle going on and i was looking at some responses. >> fantastic response from tyra banks. she doesn't know she has responded. >> exactly. >> we need to talk about this. let's talk great painting hite of media, pennsylvania. >> apparent picasso fan steals an art replica across the vitae from pub welcome surveillance. >> he house. the famous artwork is placed in public places. empty post outside media elementary post used to be home to 0,000 reproduction of picasso selfportrait.
6:55 am
last weekend, gone. >> fist off they had too map many drinks. second off disgrace of the neighborhood. >> immaturity. just what juveniles do. if you're adult and do it, you need to learn a lesson. >> we taked media police. >> yeah, we learned from them that the stolen painting has been turned in. but police won't say who brought it back because apparently they're still looking for it. they're looking for the the thieves but they brought it back how do we know it was not the thief that brought it back and he felt bad. >> i think that's what. >> but i guess they deposit find out who took it. >> let go it's back. >> we'll act like it didn't happen. >> we may number middle of heat wave but is it time to buy a snow blower and us some deals wave but is it time to buy a snow blower and us some deals with you buy in
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i just hope whoever stole it knows that it only works at so, you can't use it to just buy stuff? no. i'm sorry, gustav. we have to go back to the pet store. [ gustav squawks ] he's gonna meet us there. the name your price tool. still only at
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>> big developments 90 minute ago. >> and new body cam video from officers respoding to police involved shooting in ohio and what former officer ray tensing you will be able to hear him tell other officers as they rolled up on the scene what happened there. >> are you for football. >> they opened training camp this weekend. this will determine if the eagles have a good season. >> are you the next "american idol"? we're revealing top three from yesterday's billy idol cop test. >> it was fun yesterday we spent three or four hours auditioning with hundred of people. so it's sdoup to final three. they'll perform in hospital of
7:00 am
our peopleet because that's a. >> ooh lop we're so excited. hello, bob kelly. >> mini golfing today we are. >> there's the silvertic the by the way. >> really? >> let's show it. >> look at that. this is good show. >> we've chosen three the final three. they'll battle it out in front of our judges. >> just imagine if you win you'll take this ticket and throat people. >> okay let get down to new after lop with hugh. >> hi, we're on the boardwalk now. yes, avalon has a boardwalk. and we wanted to go everywhere in avalon and show every business in avalon we


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